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  • Anju Reusable Eco Bag
  • Anju Reusable Eco Bag
  • Anju Reusable Eco Bag

Anju Reusable Eco Bag


These are 100% cotton screen-printed, spacious tote bags. Large straps allow the bag to be worn over the shoulder. Soft cotton construction allows it to be rolled into a small bundle. Designed to hold heavy loads comfortably. Can be washed and reused multiple times. Environment friendly alternative to plastic bags!

Totes for Textbooks: 1 Bag = 1 Textbook.

Anju is donating one textbook to a school-going child in India for every reusable eco-bag that we sell. The more bags you buy, the more books we can provide for these children who are often not able to afford them even though school fees may be subsidized. We are working directly with schools in India and raising money to provide these much needed textbooks to children. This is one of several charity initiatives Anju is involved in in addition to working with artisan families.

Handcrafted by Artisans using traditional techniques passed down by generations

Fair Trade Practices - Creating hope through economic empowerment

Sustainability - Manufactured using recycled materials and sustainable processes

Colors and patterns will vary.

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