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  • Coarse Black Truffle Salt
  • Coarse Black Truffle Salt

Coarse Black Truffle Salt

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Finch + Fennel Coarse Black Truffle Sea Salt is a sophisticated blend of coarse-grained salt and highly prized black summer truffles. The complex, earthy flavor is intoxicating in scent and taste.

• Coarse-textured white sea salt blended with specks of umami-rich black truffle

• A savory finishing salt perfect for dishes that feature cream, butter, mild cheeses, eggs, rice or pasta

• Ready to use. Add to taste.

• Sprinkle over seared scallops, mild-flavored fish or sushi

• Great in risottos and creamy pasta dishes

• Add to cream sauces or red meat marinades

• Shake over French fries, baby new potatoes or even buttered popcorn

• Add to pâtés and other forcemeats

• Mix into egg dishes or sprinkle over scrambled eggs

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